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Visiting Fellows Program

The COPAA Visiting Fellows Program provides the opportunity for applied and practicing anthropologists to share their skills and knowledge in partnership with anthropology departments. The goal of the program is to sponsor visits by either practitioners or applied faculty to COPAA member departments in order to educate students and faculty on topics that build on, enhance, or supplement the department’s existing curriculum. The structure and length of the visit should be determined by the needs of 1) the specific academic program, 2) the expertise of the faculty and 3) the skills and knowledge of the practitioner/applied visiting fellow. The application deadline is May 31 of every odd numbered-year.

Application Materials

Previous Visiting Fellow Reports

2011 Visiting Fellow Jean Schensul and Memphis Hosts

2011 Visiting Fellow Jean Schensul and Memphis Hosts

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Tenure and Promotion Recommendations for Applied Anthropology Programs

COPAA has developed a set of recommendations on (1) how to develop meaningful ways of defining, documenting, evaluating, and promoting diverse forms of applied scholarship; and (2) how to raise awareness and recognition for applied work among department chairs, deans, and members of tenure and promotion committees.

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COPAA Member Email List

There is an email list for faculty in COPAA member programs. If you would like to join, ask Lisa Henry at [email protected]. Once you have joined, you can send messages to [email protected]; these messages will be received by faculty in all member programs who have subscribed to the email list.

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Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Here are documents that provide models and suggestions for applied anthropology programs. They are a way for COPAA member programs to learn from each others’ experiences. Most are summaries of sessions organized by COPAA for various anthropology conferences.

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Guidelines for Training Practicing Anthropologists

This document, developed in 1995, provides guidelines for the design and administration of degree-granting graduate training programs for practicing anthropologists.

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Alumni Survey

In 2009, the AAA Committee on Practicing, Applied, and Public Interest Anthropology (CoPAPIA) undertook an MA alumni survey. This survey examined where anthropology MAs had gone in their careers and how they benefited from their master’s programs. It provides information to anthropology departments on alignments between their curricula and their students’ future careers. Results from the survey are available here.

In 2000, NAPA sponsored an earlier survey of alumni of master's level applied anthropology training programs.  The purpose of the survey was to determine what specific skills practicing anthropologists, with master's degrees, are using in the workplace.  Robert Harman, Jim Hess, and Amir Shafe prepared the report on this survey; it can be downloaded here.

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